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Buy Vs Rent ! What should I do?

Buy Vs Rent ! What should I do? For a modern day home buyer, it has become a tough choice. “Should I pay rent or EMI’s for my house”?  Hefty costs associated with buying a house, make most independent youngsters to rent one, once they start earning.

As they start families and save money, many choose to buy a home. However, while it is apparent that there are no returns in renting, one needs to be mindful of the costs and recurring expenses associated with buying and owning a house. In this article, we have listed down five important points to consider while comparing Buying Vs Renting which shall help you take a right decision. 1. Cost:  Buying: Buying definitely has a huge upfront cost which includes paying the token money/advance amount at the time of booking or entering into an agreement. In most cases, this is 20% of the purchase price. If you are planning for a home loan, there are installments to be paid. With many banks, during the initial years, the monthly payment gets adjusted …

Real estate tips for the Bangalore Prime location for Home Buyer

Real estate tips for the Bangalore Prime location for Home Buyer
The low budget and mid-income value or the luxury budget are advisable for all when it comes to Bangalore. The availability of large amounts of residential properties in Bangalore at lower prices and also the extensive expansion of the city have encouraged a lot of people to come and live in the city.

TheResidential flats In Bangalore, however, are mostly filled because of the double use of commercial spaces in the area. The whole development tends to be dependent on the major number of global corporate industries acquiring the place, the readily available infrastructure in even the tiniest places, the rapid connectivity which happily and thoroughly joins the whole city and a lot of lands still remaining attracts more investors to come and make their dream home here. Locations such as Electronic City tends to increase the residential demands of its nearby vicinities such as Jigani, Anekal, Attibele and those which lie towar…

Points To Remember Before And After Buying A Property

Points To Remember Before And After Buying A Property
As is obvious from the title, our attempt here is to make our readers aware of the things they should look into before buying a property, and equally important, what they should remember after they buy the property. Let us jump straight to the first part of the subject, “Points To Remember Before Buying A Property”. Whether you are buying a property for investment purpose or for own stay,  it needs to go through certain evaluations and checks to mitigate any possible risk before one takes the final call. We hope the points discussed in this article, would benefit you in making your next purchase. Purpose of Buying: Even before you start your search for a suitable property, you need to have absolute clarity as to the purpose of your purchase. Your criteria for evaluation and comparison changes based on your purpose, be it for own use, or for renting or for investment. Based on the purpose of the purchase, one should factor in the locati…

5 frequently asked questions on Real Estate CAPITAL GAINS

5 frequently asked questions on Real Estate CAPITAL GAINS5 frequently asked questions on Real Estate CAPITAL GAINSTraditionally in India, there has always been a tendency to invest in physical assets such as gold, metals and real estate. Although there are many secondary investment options such as stocks, bonds, fixed deposits etc., real estate still remains at the top of the list. Many believe they should invest in property as soon as they start earning. This article will address a few important questions on capital gains from a property (profit which accrues from the sale of a property) and it’s long and short term tax benefits. Investment in real estate is your personal choice and we do not intend to provide any opinion nor any judgment on that matter.
1.What are the capital assets? Capital asset is a type of asset which is useful for long term typically for more than a year. In real estate terms, capital assets are any kind of property owned by a person. However, capital assets does n…